Jewelry Care

Gold plate & Silver plate

For a long lasting life and shine on your new jewelry, It is not recommended to spray Perfume directly on to it and avoid contact with make-up.

Do not touch with oily hands, do not apply body cream and do not wear when you are sleeping, or participating in sporting activities.

Wash with warm water and soft liquid soap.

Gold plating usually  disappears over time, always depending on the way in which the jewelry is worn.

The loss of gold plating is a normal phenomenon resulting from wear and tear.

Silver oxidizes naturally with air and humidity.

When oxidized, clean with a special silver polish cloth to remove the oxidation.

Keep jewelry in air-tight bags for better protection.

Protect stones from falling and breaking, from knocks and scratches.

 Better to store each of your gorgeous jewelry separately!

 Don’t forget to look Dashing!